3rd Missouri Infantry



Missouri Brigade Impression

The 2014 reenacting year will see events for the 3rd. Missouri Infantry at Plattsburg, MO, Kingston, MO, Pilot Knob, MO, Franklin, TN, and others.  All of these events are 1864  Missouri Brigade / Army of the West Impression events.  This impression will be the guideline for all 2014 events in Missouri and outside the state.  All military members are requested if possible to have this uniform for all events in 2014.  The Missouri Brigade / Army of the West impression is that of the Western Theater Confederate Infantryman.  The men of the early war Missouri State Guard are organized into the First Missouri Confederate Brigade in Osceola, MO December 1861.  In April 1862 following the March 7-8 battle of Elk Horn Tavern ( Pea Ridge, AK ) the Brigade is transferred east of the Mississippi River.  After the surrender of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863 the 3rd Missouri is sent to parole camps. 1864 would see the army that surrendered at Vicksburg reformed and put with the army of General Joseph Johnston. They would fight through the Atlanta Campaign, the changing of Commanding General, the loss of Atlanta, and finally General Hood's march north to the works of Franklin, TN.   In December 1862/January 1863 the Missouri Brigade begins to receive its first issue of the Columbus Depot Shell Jacket along with pants, and caps.  Even with new Columbus Depots being issued, it was not uncommon to see shell jackets from other depots in the ranks. For 1864/2014 it will be a mix of largely the Columbus Depot and some Shell  Jackets,  such as Atlanta Depot Jacket.

 Columbus Depot Type 2 Shell Jecket

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