3rd Missouri Infantry

Captain's Corner 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 3rd Missouri,

On the EVENTS Page have attached the updated tentative 2019 event schedule. Again the battalion has not had its meeting as of yet. Therefore, we voted to postpone the vote to max effort events. Please remember this is the tentative list. 

Also Round Mountain will be pushed. Therefore, I hope to push it as well. Major Rollins and Carl Conrad are putting together a federal battalion and I have committed us to being one of the companies. They have been working with the event coordinators to have us camped at a better location. Also they are putting together a rationing and quartermaster tent for every company to draw rations from. They are doing this out of their own pocket. I think the least we can do is put together 10 man company but hopefully more!!!

The January Meeting is still being decided as to where it will also be held for a few reasons. It should not take long to determine where and when it shall be held. I will let all of you know soon!

Yours Respectfully,

Captain B Dodson

Commanding Co. I

3rd Missouri Infantry

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