3rd Missouri Infantry

Captain's Corner 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 3rd Missouri,

With half the year already done with, it is time to start thinking about not only about the rest of the years events, but also where we will have our company meeting! Due to conflicting dates, we no longer have the use of the church from previous meetings.  We need to find a new location in or near the Kansas City area. And as many of you know, I am not from the Kansas City area and therefore I am not very familiar with it. I am open to suggestions for a new location!!! This needs to be taken care of soon.

Pipestone, Mn is set for August 10-12. Again this is a very nice location with great locals and weather. Please let me know if you plan to attend! Again more info will be available soon!

Yours Respectfully, 

Captain B Dodson

Commanding Co. I 

3rd Missouri Infantry

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