3rd Missouri Infantry

Captain's Corner 


Gentlemen of the 3rd Missouri,

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

We had a successful corporate meeting last night at Jay Jackson's. The following topics were discussed:

Election of Corporate Officers

2018 Corporate Officers are.....

President- Howard Rollins

Vice President- Kevin Stringfellow

Treasurer- Paul Dittmeier

Secretary- Sharon Stringfellow

1 year board member- Erica White

2 year board member- Matt Mulheran

3 year board member- Doug Moss

Treasurer Report- Howard Rollins discussed the current financial situation of the third. Financially we are looking good but need to gain our non for profit status back and we are well on our way.

Review of the 2018 Event List.

Discussed the possibility of riding a bus to 155th Gettysburg with the rest of the battalion. This requires 50 people and please contact Howard Rollins for more details. 

Battallion NCO School has been set to March 9th and 10th.


MCWRA dues will be due before March 15th.

All in all it was a good meeting with a lot discussed and plenty of catching up with fellow members. 

Your Obedient Servent,

B. Dodson, Captain

3rd Missouri Infantry Co. I

1st Missouri Battalion

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