3rd Missouri Infantry


The 3rd. Missouri Confederate Infantry is always looking for newmembers to join the ranks.  If you are a history lover and live in or around Missouri or Kansas come join us in the greatest hobby in the world. We are able to outfit you with everything you need to get started in the hobby while you attend your first few events and slowly start collecting your own gear.  We do up to 10 events a year spread out across the Midwest and the Country and attendance is not mandatory.  We understand everyone has families and other obligations but there are not shortage of events on our schedule for active members to participate in. Members of the 3rd. MO Inf. pay an annual due of $20.00 a person or $26 a family to cover unit membership . All new recruits are asked to contact one of the company recruiting officers for more information and with any questions you may have. 

Chief Recruiting Officer- Capt. Boone Dodson - 785-230-3476 


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